Eco-friendly Oven Cleaning in Belsize Park

We all know cooked-on spills don’t come off in a single swipe and that ovens don’t just magically gleam after being spritzed a couple of times, regardless of what the lady in the pastel sweater on TV is trying to tell you. You know you don’t clean in your heels and pearls, beaming with happiness. Hire professional oven cleaning in Belsize Park and benefit from the skill and experience of technicians who know how to handle a dirty job of such scale. We have a dip-tank cleaning method and bespoke cleaning formulas that work effectively against grime and carbon residue on all types and brands of stoves and cookers.

How the Oven Cleaners in Belsize Park Make Your Cooker Sparkle

The oven cleaners in Belsize Park we will dispatch to your property are qualified and experienced to carry out an inspection and provide you with an individual estimate prior to each service. They follow a few steps for a brilliant finish to each service:

Step #1 Inspection. Before each service, a technician first checks the appliances for any faulty components and enters the details about the appliance’s condition and performance in an inspection sheet.

Step #2 Disassembly. Once we are certain that the appliance is in good functioning condition, we will take it apart in order to soak the detachable parts, such as doors, racks, fan and light protector, bulb covers, hob lids, etc., in a heated dip tank filled with a toxic-free cleaning formula.

Step #3 Sanitation. While the built-up grease and charred food particles on the removed parts are being dissolved by the cleaning solution in the dip tank, the technician cleans the oven’s interior with a mild paste and soft sponges, keeping any enamel, porcelain, and aluminium surfaces free from scratches. He scrubs all dried sugary spills from the oven floor, as well as the stains and residue on the sides, and cleans behind the fan where grease usually accumulates, producing smoke and harmful fumes during baking. He even splits the door open to clean the drips on the glass surfaces which are otherwise impossible to reach.

Step #4 Reassembly. When the oven’s interior has been scraped of all food particles and wiped clean of grease, the cleaner will scrub, rinse, and dry the detached components, and put the appliance back together. Then he cleans and polishes the hobs, lids, and entire exterior of the cooker.

Step #5 Test. Clean and re-assembled, the appliance is tested and scrutinised to ensure it’s properly working. You receive free consultation on energy efficiency and proper maintenance, and are able to use the oven right away. NOTE: The technicians can also change bulbs and filters upon request. All you need to do is specify the model with the operator during booking.

Book Professional Oven Cleaning in Belsize Park and Benefit from a Range of Conveniences

Whether it’s the regular maintenance recommended by manufacturers or a baking incident that has necessitated a thorough cleaning for your cooking appliance, count on us for a brilliant finish promptly and safely.

  • We dispatch local teams of oven cleaners even on short notice;
  • We provide COSHH approved detergents safe for all members of the household;
  • We offer 24/7 customer care support over the phone and online;
  • Our booking hours include early morning and evening hours, even on weekends and bank holidays;
  • All our services are covered by insurance.

Reach us out for your personal non-obligatory quote at 020 3746 8288 or use our online booking options — we have a contact form and a live chat facility right here on our website. Save even more time and effort when you add window cleaning or carpet cleaning to your oven sanitation. Ask for our deals and special offers on multiple bookings.

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